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Won wide acclaim from customers and customers at home and abroad with its beautiful shape, refined packaging,
strong decontamination function and good quality.

Seawind Stationery Manufacturing Corporation is Located in the famous Orange town-Huangyan District Taizhou City, South-East China We specialize in all kinds of : Diary/Agenda, Elastic closure notebooks, Moleskine paper notebook, PVC/PU leather notebook, art paper notebooks Organizers, Portfolios, Spiral notebooks, Exercise books, hardcase notebooks, notepads, with locks, name-card holders,paper file folders, address books, textbook protecting PVC covers, loose papers, clipboards etc. We possess two of the most famous stationery brands: HUIFENG and SEAWIND. The products of Seawind and Huifeng are of novelty designs with excellent craftmanship. we also have the perfect sales network both in domestic sales in the worldwide market. Our products have been exported to more than 36 countries, including the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain , Russia, Japan, South Africa etc. Utilizing the management skills of the modern enterprise, the new Quality Control System of ISO9001:2000 , as well as stern internal administration and procedures, we are able to provide all customers with excellent products and service.We also have solid experience in all kinds of customized products, such as gifts and promotional items.

Seawind Stationery Manufacturing Corporation "one brand" Declaration of
I have a hundred years changeless, originality

Someone said, ye Yi, setting difficult. For a hundred years to become the brand to go the road is difficult to see. Back to the dream in the past, the number of HSBC brand to cross the hundred years of travel? A culture of high-end brands HSBC released brand strategy, planning the hundred years brand plan, decided to launch "a hundred years, I have the same ingenuity" Declaration of consumers. So why dare to be a hundred years of brand?

Start high end, only innovation and good faith for the user

HUIFENG Stationery Manufacturing Corporation since 2000 to enter the market, has been adhering to high-quality artisan spirit, subversive innovation ceaselessly, just sixteen years to win the high-end consumer class approved for several consecutive years ranked forefront stationery sales.

Seawind stationery Vision
Seawind stationery purpose:To create the first brand of Taizhou cultural products.